When it comes to “sustainable” vehicles, the familiar points of reference are qualities such as fuel economy, low emissions and recyclability. But there’s another aspect to the issue that has helped earn Toyota’s mighty Land Cruiser the Sustainability Award in 4×4 Magazine’s 4×4 of the Year Awards.

Where the judges were concerned, Land Cruiser has no equal when it comes putting in year after year of reliable service, delivering the kind of longevity that other models cannot match. And that’s the key to making it a winner as a “sustainable” vehicle.

4×4 Magazine Editor Alan Kidd explained: “Not everyone will be able to understand why the Land Cruiser has won our Sustainability Award, but it’s very simple. You can buy one and, if you so choose, never need to return to the car market for the rest of your life.

“It’s built to last for decades, and its long history of outstanding build quality means a well-maintained one will rarely need new parts. All that points to a tiny whole-life carbon footprint. It’s a world-class vehicle, and a sound investment in every sense.”

With a heritage spanning more than 60 years, the Land Cruiser is a truly global product proving its strength in the toughest environments, whether delivering aid to remote areas or safely transporting owners through inhospitable terrain.  Land Cruiser is the only diesel model in Toyota’s UK passenger car range, a line-up in which full hybrid models have increased their share of the company’s new car sales to 60 per cent in the past year.

Land Cruiser is now being put to perfect use in the model’s latest development as a rugged, go-anywhere light commercial vehicle, part of the new Toyota Professional LCV range.

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